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May 08, 2023

More than 60 years of experience qualified LAIP as a leader in textile dyeing machine manufacturer, quality and innovation devoted since 1958. Founded in Prato, Italy, one of the world's most important textile district, LAIP has always developed high quality machines for yarn and fabric dyeing, investing many resources in research and collaborating with textile companies both locally and worldwide.

Today the company is present all over the world with its advanced dyeing solutions with concrete advantages for its customers.

Next to the performances of the traditional Overflow machines for wool production, LAIP proposes to the market very innovative products and technologies to dye both yarn/fiber and fabric. All the machines are tailored on the needs of individual customers and are ready for industry 4.0. Once the customer installed a machine, he enjoyed an advanced assistance: a dedicated and competent technician who is informed of the client's needs, an APP providing remote assistance and advice thanks to an augmented reality software and local personnel in case of on-site intervention.

LAIP internal Research & Development centre works every day to solve critical issues for dyehouses and the production itself is internal to the company, Made in Italy starts from thinking heads, passing to metal carpentry up to the final check and testing of the machine before being shipped. Extremely reactive thanks to its flexible structure, the company is a reference for those who want quality, innovation and reliability for their companies and for their own customers.

At India ITME, the company presents the latest innovative technologies in terms of productivity and eco sustainability.

198 HT the highly demanded machine for tow – packages and fibre dyeing, it allows the same liquor ratio to be maintained even with partial loads!

BID (Bobbins Injection Dyeing) ensures absolute repeatability, productivity and reliability for multicolour printing and dyeing of yarn in bobbins.250 HT Jet the easy machine that never stops to get perfectly dyed fabrics with no abrasions nor creases.

Nautilus, the cutting-edge machine. Conceived with a double belt, it is suitable for dyeing delicate fabrics keeping the low liquor ratio constant by the maximum fabric load up to 40 %. The low water consumption means low electrical consumption and energy saving.

LAIP Recently restyled its logo, website and digital tools to be closer to clients and technicians who are looking for reliable and easy-to-use solutions to get a perfect dying even on difficult tones and materials. The website presents the complete panorama of production and the up-to-date programme to assist clients in case of need with a simple "iper" friendly application.

Discover LAIP dyeing machine at the stand of Bakubhai Ambalal – Hall H7 M2 during INDIA ITME, 8-13 December 2022.